Firstly, I want to thank our amazing learners for their behaviour and efforts today. Our learners ran their fastest, threw their furthest and jumped their longest…..with great big smiles on their faces. Learners you make these events so worthwhile!

Secondly, a really big thank you to the caregivers that helped today. I would love to personally name you all because I believe you deserve the recognition, however there is a chance I will accidentally miss someone and that would be terrible. If you helped at any point today you know who you are and we are hugely grateful for your support and efforts – thank you!

Thirdly, massive thanks to the dedicated Alfriston School staff. Staff were at school before 7am getting everything ready, transporting equipment (and learners) to the venue, setting up and then running the events all day long. Why? Because they are 100% committed to our learners. Alfriston School staff it is an absolute privilege to work with you!

Finally, I want to thank Eric Sila. Eric has spent time communicating with me and supporting me with the organisation over the last few weeks. He met Mr Beehre and I at the track early this morning and he worked all day to ensure we had everything we needed and that the day was going smoothly. Eric from all of us thank you so much!

I am guessing there will be some tired children tonight……Mrs Cook thinks they deserve a night off the dishes 🙂

Rest up learners and I will see you at school tomorrow – DON’T FORGET IT’S PHOTO DAY!!!!!!

Mrs Cook