Final eNews for 2022

25.11.22    Week 8 Term 4

Kia Ora from Mrs Cook.  

The End of Year

The end of the year is a fun time for all. We celebrate the success of individuals, groups and the school as a whole, and enjoy time together at end of year events.

Tuesday 13th of December is a day we hope you are all looking forward to. We have our team assemblies during the day and our ‘Time to Shine’ school picnic in the afternoon. The details of these events are below, I look forward to seeing you all there :).

2023 Staffing

Just yesterday we finalised our staffing for 2023 and we are very excited to welcome two new teachers to Alfriston School in 2023. Ms Priscilla Paul will be the Whānau Leader and classroom teacher in Year 7/8 and Miss Charise Ritchie will join the Tupu Tahi team in one of our Year 2/3 classes.

Our 2023 Team

Office admin

Jane Keys and Narelle Cleur


Mike Beehre


Carla Cook

Deputy Principal

Claire Galvin

Release Teacher

Stephanie Moffitt


Shona Scott (3 days)

Learning Assistants

Brittany Sullivan, Lyn Clark, Renae Beck


Room 1 (Year 2/3)

Jean Luck and Shona Scott

Room 2 (Year 2/3)

Johanna Mouncey 

Room 3 (Year 2/3)

Amy Sila

Room 4 (Year 1)

Jessica Atherton

Room 5 (Year 2/3)

Charise Ritchie

Room 15 (Year 0/1)

Kerry Pearcey

Room 16 (Year 0/1)

Jen Groom


Room 6 (Year 4)

Sarina Davies

Room 7 (Year 4)

Matt Wallis (Whānau Leader)

Room 8 (Year 5/6)

Marja van der Meulen

Room 9 (Year 5/6)

Alison Phillips

Room 10 (Year 5/6)

Kulbir Nand

Room 14 (Year 5/6)

Mechelle Berry and Renee Wright


Room 11 (Year 7/8)

Graeme Parsons

Room 12  (Year 7/8)

Priscilla Paul (Whānau Leader)

Room 13  (Year 7/8)

Pritcilla Meikle

2023 Classes

On Wednesday 14th of December your child(ren) will visit their class for 2023 and this information will also be available on the End of Year Report. We spend a lot of time organising classes. We consider things such as personalities, learning styles, achievement levels, peer relationships, children’s and teacher’s passions / strengths….to name a few. I ask that you are positive about your child’s placement as your response will enable your child to feel settled and excited about the year ahead. 

2023 Date Update

The Ministry of Education has advised schools they are entitled to a Teacher Only Day in the first 2 weeks of Term 2 next year, to support the implemention of The New Zealand Curriculum refresh. We have decided that Monday the 24th of April will be our Teacher Only Day as we feel it will be the least disruptive to whānau. Please note this date in your diaries.

I hope each and every one of you have a happy Christmas and a wonderful Summer break. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 7th February 2023.

Carla Cook – Principal

Important dates for your diary…

End of Year Prizegivings: Tuesday 13th December:

Tupu Tahi (Yr0-4) 9am – 10.30am        Kotahitanga (Yr5-8) 11am-12.30pm

End of Year ‘Time to Shine’ Family Picnic: Tuesday 13th December 4.30 pm – 7.30 pm

School reports sent home: Wednesday 14th December

Last school day: Thursday 15th December Note: School closes at 12.00pm

In this issue


Family and Friends


Learning Celebrations


In Room 2 for Science, we have been learning about Space. We learned about the order of the planets relative to the sun in our solar system. Then, using Oreos we learned about the phases of the moon, and why it looks different at different times of the month. We also learned how the moon got its craters through doing an experiment with flour and rocks. Using balloons, we explored how rockets work through using air force to act like the rocket fuel being ignited. We have had so much fun trying to understand Space over the past few weeks.


In writing this week, we have been answering fun christmas-themed ‘Would you rather…’ questions. For example, ‘Would you rather live in santa’s workshop or in a gingerbread house?’ we loved sharing our responses with each other and sharing our opinions and interpretation of the questions. 


In art, we have made some beautiful Elf art in an art project we called ‘Elf Yourself’. We followed a drawing tutorial and then got creative to make our elves look like us. We have also been busy this week making our Christmas window for next week. Stay tuned to see that reveal…


We feel so lucky to have the opportunity to go swimming a few times before the term ends. Here is us having a great time together (despite it being a gloomy day). 


Over the term, we have been competing in teams in a strand maths-focused game show called The Measurement Games. In this, we have looked at different forms of measurement such as distance, capacity and weight through a series of games and kahoots. Points go out for winning the challenges, teamwork and participation.

Room One Learning

In Room 1 we have been busy writing poems about our favourite colours. We first started the writing progress by brainstorming as many things as we could about our chosen colour. Next, we had to think about what we could hear, feel, taste and smell when we thought about our colour. Here are some of our poems:

We have also worked hard to complete a collaborative art piece to display on our window for the Time to Shine concert. We worked really well together and we are really proud of how it turned out. You can come and see it in our window.


School Dates 2023


2023 School Dates

TERM 1: Tuesday 7 February – Thursday 6 April

TERM 2: Monday 24 April – Friday 30 June

TERM 3: Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

TERM 4: Monday 9 October – Wednesday 20 December

Teacher Only Days: 1st and 2nd of February, Monday 24th April, other dates may be added (TBC)

Other News & Reminders


Sunhats are required for Term 4 and sandals are encouraged. If learners do not have a hat they will be required to sit or play in the shade.

As previously indicated it is vital learners are onsite and ready to start the day by 8.45 am. The first 15 minutes of the school day set learners up for success. We are currently tracking lateness and will be contacting the whānau we are concerned about.
We have also noticed a growing number of children arriving at school very early, please do not send your child/children to school before 8 am.  It is a long time for them to stand on cold/wet days.  We ask that you make alternative arrangements for your child on those days you need to start early.  This is a health & safety concern for us as we do not have a before-school care facility and teachers/staff are unable to supervise children as they are busy preparing for their school day.
 If your child is sick with vomiting they are required to remain at home and away from school for at least 24 hours.  


It is important that we hold the correct details for our learners on file, especially if we have to contact you in an emergency. Have you recently changed your address, email or phone number? Please can you let the office know so we have up-to-date accurate records.



Second-Hand Uniform Shop Re-opened in the Boiler Shed

The school’s 2nd Hand Uniform Shop/Bolier Shed is open on the first Wednesday of every month from 2:15 pm – 3 pm. Open on Wednesday 1 November from 2.30-3pm. All uniform items are sold for only $5 each and the money goes back to the school for our students. If you have any spare uniforms that you are not using and would like to donate to the Boiler Shed please drop them in the next time they are open or drop them off at the school office.  Due to the school holidays, the next time the Boiler Shed will be open is the 2nd of November.  For any further queries or urgent requests please reach out to Jess at  


Cattaleya Junior.




Arsh Nezam, Crido Kirubakaran, Riaan Swami, Rubin Verdoold, Jasmeet Singh, Zebadiyah Mohiuddin, Labeeqa Samut, Sophia Hu, Samrath Hundal, Sanaa Kumar, Ahansh Pratap, Mackenzie Harland, Keerat Buttar, Isabella Southgate, Jasmine Singh, Japsirat Grewal, Karissa Chang, Daniel Howe, Nala Burgess, Harry Wright, Mannat Singh.



Thursday 3rd February – Thursday 14th April


Tuesday 3rd May – Friday 8th July

Thursday 23rd June – Teacher Only Day


Monday 25th July – Friday 30th September


Monday 17th October – Thursday 15th  December (12.00 finish)

Teacher Only Day – Friday 21st October


School hours:

We ask that all learners be at school by 8.30am each day to prepare for their school day.

8.45am: Learning starts

10.15am – 10.45am: Morning tea break

12.30pm – 1.15pm:  Lunch break

2.45pm: School finishes

Gates remain open until 3.15pm daily  

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