Year 4-8 Athletics tomorrow

The weather is going to play ball with us tomorrow – yippee!

*All learners MUST be at school by 8.45am otherwise they will miss the bus to Athletics and will need to stay at school in a Year 0-3 class
*Each learner needs to wear school sports uniform or clothes of similar colour
*Each learner needs enough food and water for the whole day
*Each learner MUST bring a hat (school hat preferably)
*No learner is able to leave the Athletics venue with their parent/caregiver – teachers have a list and we’ll be marking the roll at the end of the day. Please don’t have us searching for a child and making all other learners late back to school.

Caregivers are welcome to come and go during the day. Please sit in the grandstand to watch the action. The gate next to the Athletics building will be open during the day. The only people permitted on the track/field are the people who have offered to help with the event (they will be given a high vis jacket to wear).

I have attached the ‘plan’ for tomorrow to this email. Please note these are approximate times – events may run earlier or later.

Tomorrow our learners have the chance to be athletes……being at an actual track provides the environment and atmosphere for our learners. Come and be a part of a great day 🙂

Athletics Timetable.pdf